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The Liberation of Women's Energy
Will Change the World. *

La liberación de la energía de la mujer cambiará el mundo

o provide advocacy, free of charge, for victims of rape, domestic violence, and child abuse, particularly in the Latina and other under served communities of Sonoma County. To provide advocacy training and community education. To promote more women and minorities in our law enforcement agencies. To commit to equal justice for all women and girls.

rindar una defensa gratuita a víctimas de violación, violencia doméstica y abuso infantil, particularmente en las comunidades hispanas y otras que no son atendidas adecuadamente en el condado de Sonoma. Proveer capacitación en defensa pública y educación comunitaria. Incrementar el número de mujeres y personas pertenecientes a minorías en nuestras agencias de aplicación de justicia. Comprometernos con la justicia igualitaria para todas las mujeres y las niñas.

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Resource- Podcast

Center on Violence Against Women (January 2012)

On this podcast, Sheetal Rana of the Minnesota Center Against Violence and
Abuse interviews Cynthia Sanders, author on the VAWnet Applied Research
paper: *Asset Building Programs for Domestic Violence

Dr. Sanders discusses the importance of asset building to domestic violence
survivors, key themes from the research, and implications for new
directions in policy, programs, and practice.

Summary: www.vawnet.org/summary.php?doc_id =3080&find_type=web_desc_TT
mp3 Version: www.vawnet.org/Assoc_Files_VAWnet /AR_AssetBuilding.mp3
m4a Version: www.vawnet.org/Assoc_Files_VAWnet /AR_AssetBuilding.m4a

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Violence Against Women net launches:

Special Collection: Asset Building and Individual Development Accounts (IDAs)

This special collection includes a categorized and selected listing of articles, fact sheets, papers, reports and surveys. It is offered as an additional tool to assist advocates working on and interested in Asset Building and Individual Development Accounts (IDAs), including how they specifically relate to survivors of domestic violence. Items in this collection may appear in more than one place for ease of use. Direct links to the documents are provided from this page. Those interested in this topic may also want to review material contained in the topic areas credit, employment and welfare. Please contact the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence with comments, questions, or suggestions for new additions to this collection.


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La licenciada Laura Sisa Luciano es coordinadora de proyectos de la Fundación Rahab y compartió interesantes informaciones sobre esta problemática y qué debemos hacer ante los traficantes de seres humanos.

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Taking Exception: Is Evidence of Prior Oral Sex by 15 Year-Old Victim Admissible in Prosecution of 38 Year-Old?

A 38 year-old defendant is charged with four counts of sexual conduct with a minor, and it is undisputed that he engaged in four acts of oral sexual intercourse with the victim, who was 15 years-old. The defendant, however, seeks to present evidence that the victim had engaged in oral sex with two other individuals, claiming that it went to his belief that the victim was eighteen or older. Should the court deem this evidence admissible? According to a trial court the answer is “yes,” and it may reach the same conclusion after a remand from the Court of Appeals of Arizona.


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Women\'s Human Rights Education Institutes 2012 at OISE/UT

Are you a women´s human rights defender? Do you want to increase your 
knowledge of women´s human rights? Do you want to use the UN system 
to support your activism, or train others on the principles of human 
rights? Do you want to learn how to use a human rights framework to 
promote social change? Join other international activists, scholars, 
community workers, NGO representatives, lawyers and educators at the 
Women´s Human Rights Education Institutes 2012.

The Women\'s Human Rights Education Institutes is now accepting 
applications for the 6-week \"Women´s Human Rights Education 
Institute\" with feminist jurist and activist Alda Facio running 
from May 21 - June 28, 2012.

Please note that the final application deadline for this 6-week 
institute for international applicants is February 28, 2012. We will 
accept rolling applications until the WHRI is full, but applying 
before this deadline ensures sufficient time for support in visa 
processes and the possibility of being considered for discounts or 
any funding that becomes available.

We are also accepting applications for the 1-week \"CEDAW for Change\" 
module offered in collaboration with IWRAW-AP Malaysia, held from May 
28 - June 1, 2012.

Don´t miss this incredible chance to learn about the UN Convention on 
the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) 
and how to integrate it into your work and activism. Details follow, 
or visit our website at the address given above.

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Homeland Security launches hot line for jailed immigrants who may be crime victims, citizens

WASHINGTON — The Homeland Security Department is launching a hot line for people jailed on immigration charges who believe they are victims of crime or may be U.S. citizens.

The toll free hot line — 855-448-6903 — will be staffed 24 hours a day and run by Immigration and Customs Enforcement to answer questions from people held in local jails about whether they may face deportation proceedings.


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Vínculos en Red” reclama al Estado una solución, luego que el municipio les ofreciera diez días de alojamiento en un hotel 

Rescatadas de la prostitución, no tienen adónde quedarse 

Llegaron a Villa María enviadas por dos fiscales. Habían sido esclavas sexuales durante años luego de ser vendidas por sus propias familias 

Chicas que buscan escapar del drama. El Estado debe ayudarlas (ilustración de R. Olcelli) 

Cintia tiene 27 años, Lorena 30. La primera fue obligada a prostituirse desde los 14 años, la segunda desde los 13. A las dos las entregaron sus propias familias de origen. 
Nacidas en República Dominicana y Paraguay, pasaron gran parte de sus vidas siendo sometidas sexualmente por hombres en diversos puntos de Argentina, incluso en Villa María.
Ayer volvieron a esta ciudad para encontrar a alguien que las cobije tras tanto tiempo de drama y crueldad. Momentáneamente en la casa de Alicia Peressutti, la referente de la ONG (Organización No Gubernamental) “Vínculos en Red”, enfrentaron junto a ella a dos medios de prensa. 


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California PETITION

After holding our breath to see the outcomes of our fundraising and the Attorney General\'s approval of our initiative, we breathe a sigh of relief. The Californians Against Sexual Exploitation (CASE Act) petition launched on December 24th, just in time for Christmas!

Because of an amazing partnership with Chris Kelly and the Safer California Foundation, we can hire professional petitioners to ensure our success. 

But we can\'t go anywhere without you. We need volunteers like you and your family, friends, neighbors to collect the signatures required to get the initiative on the November, 2012 ballot. Sign the petition now. 

As I think about what is at stake in 2012, I am filled with great excitement and some nervousness: justice, real hope for victims, changing social perception, and uniting California against human trafficking, a brutal human rights abuse. 

Grateful for 2011. Ready for an Amazing 2012.

Sincerely Yours, 

Daphne Phung
Executive Director, Founder

California Against Slavery

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